The Power of a Single Word
My first instinct was to roll my eyes

And I must confess, I did...

About two years ago someone asked me what my word for the year was. Up until that point, I did not even know such a thing existed and I immediately thought to myself: "What newfangled thing is this now??" (insert said eye roll here). I do remember saying the first word that popped into my head, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was and I don't even think I gave it another thought for the rest of that year.

So, when last January rolled around, I was ready... THIS time I was not going to be caught unawares, I had my word.

Truth be told, I have absolutely NO idea what that word was! Come this year, and everybody started mentioning their word as usual. This time though, I decided I'm not getting caught up in that again. This word thing is clearly not working for me, and that is okay too. Not everything is for everybody.

Let's just sidestep here for a moment

I need to tell you a little bit about myself. Bear with me, because you need to know this before I continue with my word story.

I lead a very simple life. As a matter of fact, if I'm not already a "minimalist" I certainly am darn near one! Complications and clutter are not for me. My house is small because I don't need a big one and I have very little "stuff" because I don't need a lot (the fact that there isn't space for a lot is just a bonus). And if I don't have energy to dust today then I'll just dust tomorrow, no worries. My life is unbelievably uncomplicated and devoid of stress and drama and "things" and I absolutely LOVE IT! 

And yet, when it comes to my business, I seem to complicate everything... From a clunky business name that doesn't really tell anybody anything about me or my business, to agonising and stressing (sometimes literally for hours) about whether a line on a Canva graphic for a client should be 1mm higher or lower, to agonising over the fact that I don't post on my business Facebook page every single day. I would put enormous pressure on myself trying to do everything perfect for everybody in the shortest amount of time, even when there was no need. The list just goes on and on... Because if it's not perfect, if I'm not perfect, then it's not good enough, right? 

About three weeks ago, I was sitting planning out things for my business for 2021, while also reflecting on last year, and I came to the realisation that my business needs to simplify. I need my business as simplistic as my home life.

And just like that I had my word for 2021!
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So, I changed my business name, got a new domain, created a new website, changed my services, got VERY clear on my business plan for this year and I did it all in just over a week. Normally, this would have taken me months, but every time I was about to start procrastinating on perfection, I would literally say to myself (out loud) "Simplicity is the word". 

And it worked - every time! 

The thing is, I also know my word will continue to work throughout 2021, because this time I chose a word with intention, one that actually means something to me.

If you look it up, you will find quite a few explanations for the word "Simplicity".

Two of my favourites are:

"You know when something is not relevant for you and you focus only on what's important - this is the state of simplicity! -"

Freedom from complication; efficiency" -

I finally realised this:

- Don't do things for the sake of doing things - it will never work.

- Don't do things because other people are doing it - it will never work.

- Don't do things a certain way because "that's how it's supposed to be done" - learn from others, yes, but at the end of the day, do what works for you.

And perhaps the most important lesson I learnt - when used correctly, words do indeed have incredible power!

Don't ever diminish the power of words. Words move hearts and hearts move limbs.
- Hamza Yusuf

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